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Hiring of consultant for Manual development, training and awareness raising on road safety

  1. Hiring of consultant for Manual development, training and awareness raising on road safety
  •  Proposals are invited fromindividualsto carry outroad survey for the development of road safety protocol for the driver, proposed mitigation measures, design and site identification for road safety sign boards, training to the local drivers and awareness raising on road safetyin Broghil Valley, Upper Chitral. The consultant TORscan be obtained from given below link. No other documents except those obtained from the link will be entertained. Complete proposal along with required supporting documents should reach this office on or before June15, 2022. till 4:30 pm, through courier/registered mail OR by hand with acknowledgement letter on below mentioned address.
  •  Terms and Conditions
  • The firmwill ensure that they have visited the site before submission of proposal for the consultancy.
  • The conditional, incomplete, and overwritten proposal submitted by the firm will be liable to be rejected.
  • The consultancy will be executed according to the TOR approved by AKRSP.
  • The Payment will be made according to the milestone set in TOR subject to availability of funds.
  • The firm will have no right to claim any interest on account of delay in making payment for task because of non-receipt of funds well in time.
  • AKRSP reserves the right to change the scope of tasks or may ask for additional responsibilities on pre agreement in terms and condition agreed by both parties.
  • AKRSP reserves the right to cancel or reject any/all proposal without assigning any reason (s) thereof.
  • HR Department
  • Aga Khan Rural Support Programme
  • Regional Programme Office
  • Near Shahi Qila, Zargarandeh road
  • Lower Chitral
  • Phone No 0943-412727/412720
  • niaz.alishah@akdn.org


Terms of Reference


Manual development, training and awareness raising on road safety

Date: _____________

Description of Work:               Road Survey, Meeting with local community, Road mapping, identified threats to the roads and people, development of road safety protocol for the driver, proposed mitigation measures, design and site identification for road safety sign boards, Training to the local drivers and awareness raising on road safety.

Location:                                 Broghilvalley

Consultancy Duration:            6weeks

Project Name:                         All weather access road in Chitral

Project Duration:                     1 years (January 2022 – December 2022)

Project Code:                          PAK-AKDN-CHI-003

Donor:                                     PATRIP Foundation



Manual development, training and awareness raising on road safety”


The Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) has been working in Gilgit Baltistan & Chitral (GBC) region of Pakistan with the mandate to improve the quality of life of rural people through an approach rooted in social mobilization and community organization. The AKRSP development model itself has been widely replicated at regional level and in shape of 11 Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) in Pakistan, covering 145 districts and FATA region. Working with local communities, AKRSP has supported the construction and rehabilitation of more than 4,333 small infrastructure projects including those prominently funded by the PATRIP Foundation in Broghil Valley.

In Broghil Valley, Limited agriculture landholding, and harsh climatic and edaphic factors make it economically unproductive. Livestock is the main source of income (over 90% on average for a household) and food for locals. The Valley also has the largest yak population in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) along with goat/sheep, dependent on existing park resources/pastures to sustain livestock without any consideration or awareness of sustainable use thus adversely affecting productivity and local biodiversity with increasing risk of conflict around limited resources.

In the year 2018 a project was initiated by AKRSP with financial support of PATRIP foundation “All weather access road to Chitral” with the main objective of improve regional connectivity and access to the Broghil valley by linking Kishmanja to Lashkargaz through an all-weather access road.

The project involves the development of an existing jeepable track from Wedenkhot to Lashkargaz. This is done through the construction of two bridges at Garamchashma and Wedenkhot, and by improving 21 km of road in Broghil Valley in District Upper Chitral of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province.

Due to the difficult terrain and capacity building of the local driver and community in road safety protocol, manual is proposed to develop, training and awareness raising should be conducted.

Objectives of the assignment

The objective of the assignment is to build capacity of local drivers and community memberson road safety protocols by developing manual, training and with awareness raising sessions.This document will also provide eco-friendly design for road safety signages beside trainings and awareness raising manual.

Scope of work: The specific responsibilities to be carried out are as under:

Task-I: Coordination meetings, methodology, work plan, and draft table of contents

This task will includes: holding inception meetings with AKRSP team (i) to evaluate the procedure for the manual, (ii) streamlinebasic background information related to the manual, and (iii) finalize the methodology, work plan and draft table of contents for the final manual.

Task-II: Develop training manual containing the following information:

  1. Safe driving, knowledge of rules of the road, fitness for drive, personal safety, and safe parking
  2. Vehicle maintenance, pre-drive vehicle checks, vehicle cleanliness, vehicle tyres check and maintenance, Safety equipment in the vehicle, seating position and safety specially driving in a hilly area, importance of seat belt in vehicle and usage, child restraint, securing load in a vehicle specially driving in hilly areas, vehicle safety and security
  3. Safe journey, Rules to be remembered during journey, Driver considerations, Driver personal time, pre journey checks, safe speed, pedestrians’ safety, distractions during driving possible mitigation measures, Safe driving practices, Safe driving practices at different part of the time, season, and weather condition, dealing with flooded, iced/Snow and mudded roads and fog
  4. Dealing with accidents and emergencies, post-crash management public and passengers’ safety, understanding of road signages, dealing with aggressive behavior of passengers and other drivers

Task-III: Signage designs development for Broghil valley road keeping the NHA approved designs.

This task includes:(i)Survey the road in Broghil valley, (ii) identify hazardous and vulnerable sites (iii) recommend and design safety measures to the identified vulnerable sites (iv) design different road signs and identify sites for the signage installation

Task-IV:Conduct one training to the local drivers about road safety at valley level. The consultant will be responsible food, stationary, banner, transportation charges of the participants.

Task-V: Conduct three awareness raising sessions about road safety to the local community members at different locations in Broghil valley.The consultant will be responsible of food, Banner stationary, transportation charges of the participants.

Expected Outputs/ Deliverables

The deliverables of the study are as follows:

  1. Inception report, explaining the understanding of the TORs, as well as describing objectives, methodologies, and planned schedule of work (15% of the total consultancy cost) to be submitted during the first 09 days of theassignment
  2. First draft of the road safety manual and road sign designs (30% of the total consultancy cost)
  3. Final draft of the plan after incorporation comments of stakeholders, with structures and all requisite information and processes completed (20% of the total consultancy cost)
  4. Conduct training and submission of the training report (15% of the consultancy cost)
  5. Conduct three awareness raising session and submission of reports (20% of the consultancy cost)

The study remuneration will be provided after the Consultant gets approval of the above-mentioned deliverables from Manager PATRIP, AKRSP Chitral.

Duration/ Timeframe and Duty Station of the assignment

Duration of the assignment is 60 working days spread over a period of two months. Duty station is AKRSP office and home based. Field visits/survey of road in Broghil valleyfor ground truthing and data collection to “Broghilvalley”, Chitral will be the essential part of the manual development. And the consultant will be responsible for all the boarding, lodging and transportation into site during the consultancy.

Institutional arrangements/ Reporting

The consultant will work under the guidance of the Manager, PATRIP, AKRSP-Chitral.

Requirements for Qualification and Experience

Consultants with experience in road construction, road safety protocol development and road safety signage designing, delivery training etc.; working experience of Northern Pakistan, particularly remote areas with harsh climatic condition and difficult terrains,analytical, computer writing and verbal communication skills.


Annexure II

Criteria and Guidelines for evaluation of proposals

The consultant will be evaluated based on the following methodologies/ cumulative analysis. Only consultant obtaining a minimum of 60% weightage points in technical proposal evaluation would be considered for financial proposal evaluation

  1. Technical Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Summary of Technical Proposal Evaluation

# Description Obtainable points
1 Expertise of Consultant submitting proposal
1 Related qualification of the organization
1.1 Related qualification of the consultant to perform the assignment (Civil engineeror master in transportation engineering ormaster’s degree in related field) 40
Sub-Total 40
2 Experience relevant to the assignment
2.1 Experience of the consultant in road safety protocol development, road safety works, road construction and delivering trainings (Experience certificate showing nature of work and location) 20
2.2 Working experience of Northern Pakistan 10
Sub-Total 30
3 Adequacy of the proposed methodology & work plan
3.1 Does the consultant have full understanding of the task, if partial understanding of the task, then 4 marks? 8
3.2 Have all aspects of the task been addressed and are clearly understandable? (Whether more than 70% aspects of the task been addressed and are clearly understandable? Then 3 marks) 5
3.3 Is the proposed methodology by the consultant correspond to objective of the study 4
3.4 Is the presentation and report writing skills clear? 3
Sub-Total 20
4 Skills and competencies of the consultant  
4.1 Skills and competencies of the team of the bidder particularly in timely conducting at least one such assignment. 10
Sub-Total 10
Total 100
  1. Financial Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The financial proposals of short-listed consultantbased on technical evaluations will be compared in terms of cost effectiveness by using the following formula:

Suppose the financial proposal of the consultant “A”  isPRK. 3,000; consultant “B” PRK. 4,000; and consultant “C” PRK. 5,000; then the Consultant which has quoted the lowest amount for overall assignment cost i.e.: Consultant A will get the maximum score of 30.

Firm/institute B will get      (30X3,000)/4,000   = 22.5

Firm/institute C will get       (30X3,000)/5,000  = 18.0

Annexure III



Breakdown of Costs[1]


Deliverables (1-6)

[list them as referred to in the TOR]


Percentage of Total Price (Weight for payment)


Amount in Pak Rs.[2]

Deliverable 1
Deliverable 2
Deliverable 3
Deliverable 4
Deliverable 5
Deliverable 6
Total 100% Pak Rs. ……

*Basis for payment tranches                                                                                                            

Note: The Service provider will submit Deliverable 1: “Inception report, explaining the understanding of the TORs, as well as describing objectives, methodologies and planned schedule of work” during the first week of assignment. The PATRIP will provide 25% payment at approval of this submission.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Annexure IV  

Declaration of Undertaking

We underscore the importance of a free, fair, and competitive procurement process that precludes fraudulent use. In this respect we have neither offered nor granted, directly or indirectly, any inadmissible advantages to any public servants or other persons in connection with our bid, nor will we offer or grant any such incentives or conditions in the present procurement process or, if we awarded the contract, in the subsequent execution of the contract.

We also underscore the importance of adhering to minimum social standard (“Core Labour Standard”) in the implementation of the project. We undertake to comply with the Core Labour Standards ratified by the country of Pakistan.

We will inform our staff about their respective obligations and about their obligation to fulfil this declaration of undertaking and to obey the laws of the country of Pakistan.

We also declare that our company/all members of the consortium has/have not been included in the list of sanctions of the United Nations, nor of the EU, nor of the German Government, nor in any other list of sanctions and affirm that our company/all members of the consortium will immediately inform the client if this situation should occur at a later stage.

We acknowledge that, in the event that our company (or a member of the consortium) is added to a list of sanctions that is legally binding upon the client, the client is entitled to exclude our company/the consortium from the procurement procedure and, if the contract is awarded to our company/the consortium, to terminate the contract immediately if the statements made in the Declaration of Undertaking were objectively false or the reason for exclusion occurs after the Declaration of Undertaking has been issued.

(Place)   …………………………… this ……………… day of ………………..

Name of company ………………………………………………………………

Signature (s) …………………………………………………………………….

Name and signature of the Consultant]

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